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Adopt Raven-396281


MEET Raven

  • Age: 4.5 years
  • Sex: Female
  • Breed: Labrador
  • Carer: Neil
  • 0413 961 948

Date of listing 03/06/2022

Hello, our names are Shadow and Raven, we are brother and sister and a bonded pair.

Our mum is unwell, so we’ve had to find a new home.

We get very excited when we see our foster dad in the morning and whenever we get visitors, so until we get a bit older, we’re probably not suited to be with little children in case we knock them over in our excitement.

We love spending all of our time together and sleep together as well, sleeping all night with hardly a peep.

We also get very excited when we’re out on a lead to go for a walk, so it may take a little time for us to get used to being patient while out walking.

We’re not sure how we will interact with other dogs, but we’re sure willing to try.

Shadow loves having a ball thrown to chase it & bring back, but Raven just likes to watch.

We’re learning how to sit and wait for our dinner and making some good progress.

We’re house trained, and love being let into the TV room with our foster dad to watch him watching tv.

We need a good size secure yard, just in case we decide to do a bit of exploring.

Call our foster carer to come meet us.

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