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  • Age: 1 year
  • Sex: Female
  • Breed: Collie x Kelpie x Samoyed
  • Carer: Claire
  • 0420245584

Date of listing 28/05/2022

Hello I’m Lassie!

I heard the 2032 Olympics are coming to QLD and I was sooooo excited I thought I’d get started on my training straight away!

My carers thought I had talent too so they’ve got me to help train their kids too, so we’re all out here in the yard training hard!

If only these fences weren’t so high, for sure I’d be a champion triathlete on the beach and have the fastest marathon time on the block!

My high jump training has been impeded by the fences though, so my carers have suggested I don’t keep training for that event and focus on my other talents.

I have tried cheering on others at night times too but my carers suggested I save my voice and excitement for the big event and get some much needed rest between my training sessions so I’m trying to keep my excitement under control.

I’d really love someone to keep me active, as I’m still young with so much potential I’d love a great coach and companion.

I have so much love to give, I’ll take all the pats you’ll give me.

I have learnt some manners like sitting and I do understand when you tell me I’m getting too excited and to stop jumping up.

I currently live with a female dog the same size as me and we love to play together.

I haven’t met a cat yet but I wasn’t that compatible with the small dog I previously lived with, despite my best efforts we just weren’t suited.

If you’d like to meet me to try out for your team, please contact my foster carer.

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