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Adopt Clarke-893372

ADOPT Clarke

MEET Clarke

  • Age: 4 months
  • Sex: Female
  • Breed: Cattle x collie
  • Carer: Susan
  • 0438540873

Date of listing 15/07/2022

My name is Clarke and I am a Cattle x Short Haired Collie.

Don’t be fooled by my sleepy appearance! I’m a girl full of fun and energy, until I finally crash for a sleep.

I love people and my goal would be to follow you all day in what ever activities you pursued. I love the garden and spend hours out there with my foster carer.

My ideal home would have either another dog for a companion or someone who is home a lot to spend time with me.

I love to romp with my toys and zoom around the yard. My favourite game is to toss my toys in the air and drag around my squeaky snake. Sometimes when I play, my lip gets stuck to my gum and everyone laughs at me! But I get the last laugh because I still have puppy teeth!

I am very keen to learn and have already mastered ‘sit’ and ‘down’ in my short training sessions.

I am comfortable with my cosy crate which is my special place to sleep. I would love to meet you for a play. Just remember that I am an active dynamo and will take time to settle down and get to know you.

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