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Adopt Aura-801298



  • Age: 10 weeks
  • Sex: Female
  • Breed: DSH
  • Carer: Chantell
  • 0491179033

Date of listing 21/04/2022

Hi I am Aura, a rambunctious kitten who sees every open door as an opportunity to explore.

My favourite toy is any small object I can push around using my claws like hands to roll it away and pounce.

I also love being around kids especially when they bring out my wand!

I enjoy practicing my pouncing during play time and let you know I missed you by meowing until I get my well earned hugs the moment you’re home from work.

My carer says I’m the sweetest ball of positive energy and deserve only the very best.

Get ready to change your relationship status to committed, I’m is ready for all the belly scratches, love and attention!

Call my foster carer to come and meet me!

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